Bespoke services, tailored to fit individual needs


You can choose to place your orders either from the comforts of your house through online trading and tele trading, or from one of our branches and franchises. Our centralised administration guarantees convenient and secure support services.

We offer all our clients a range of benefits to facilitate trading such as:


We offer curated expertise in the Equities and Derivatives market. Explore a myriad range of opportunities in products such as equities, derivatives and corporate and government bonds – with the assistance of our dedicated team which is prepared and always present for you.


We serve/function as catalysts in linking you with other financial services which may interest you. We deal with distribution in the primary market for Equity and Debentures. We provide services relevant to the IPO market and focus on distribution services for products such as Mutual Funds.


We help you invest in the markets through Mutual Funds which are best suited to your individual financial plans. We offer Mutual Funds across all major fund houses, with regular and meaningful communication about your investments, making your investment process easier and a one-stop experience.


We understand investing in India gets difficult when you’re located elsewhere, Unique takes special efforts to make this process easier for you. From the basic paperwork for opening broking & demat accounts to establishing your PIS bank account, we guide you at every step. Placing paramount importance to any legal & administrative obligations you may have. Our personalised financial services will help ameliorate your investment experience in your homeland.


Forget waiting in long lines at the bank as we provide paperless (and hassle-free, too) settlement of all the trades and transactions you undertake. The depository services are aimed at making your investment experience more streamlined and efficient –the dual benefits of investing and depository services are now under the same roof.